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Work Smarter.  Plan Better.

Coach Simple Finance integrates with Wealth Management CRMs to track your sales pipeline, manage client tasks, and coach your team.

Organize Your Pipeline and Onboard New Accounts

CRM Integration

We integrate with Redtail CRM and a growing list of additional CRM and cloud solutions

Sales Pipeline

Manage opportunities, track stages and report on progress with your prospects and clients 

Action Plans

Assign team tasks and pre-defined action plans to onboard your clients and accounts

Team Develelopment

Coach your staff and sales professionals tracking business goals and coaching sessions

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Why Us?

Simplicity. Customization. Scale.


Simplify Your Process

Simplify and organize large libraries of resources and content, bringing ease and integration of your best coaching practices into automated and self-guided programs.


Customize Your Programs

Customize your coaching programs and content libraries to match the unique needs of your one-on-one, team, group and enterprise-level clients. 


Scale For Growth

Grow your client base without increased administrative burden. Add new coaching groups, corporate accounts or additional coaches with scale and simplicity.

Save time. Scale with confidence. Keep it simple.

Redtail CRM Login

Coach Simple Integrates with Redtail CRM

Helping wealth advisors and financial planners work smarter, plan better and close more deals, Coach Simple and Redtail CRM integrate...


Action Plans Reduce Repetitive Sales and Onboarding Tasks

Increasing agility and reducing repetitive tasks is critical while prospecting and onboarding new, digital-savvy clients ... 


6 Critical Functions on Your Sales Coaching Dashboard

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